Our Story:

Once upon a time, in Abu Dhabi, four professionals were sitting around trying to decide what they wanted for lunch. One of them wanted something tasty, one of them wanted something healthy, the third said he needed something fast, and the fourth was in the mood for Shawarma And that’s how it began –an idea– that you can have food that can be fast, tasty, interesting, and healthy all at once! Shawarma Time was born!


The concept behind Shawarma Time was designed by people just like you. We care about ourselves and our loved ones and would like to ensure meals containing high quality ingredients including chilled skin-on chicken breast and chilled beef topside for its regular meats. Whereas, other shawarma restaurants use frozen skin-on whole chicken and a mix of high fat frozen beef cuts. Therefore, we offer shawarma meals that were cut the fat out but not the heart of the it – the meat.

Healthy Shawarmas: do they exist?

You can opt for either healthy or regular versions of sandwiches and platters.  The healthy items are a unique feature of the brand’s menu as it offers the popular greasy shawarma food in a healthy way. To attest on that, the restaurant was recognized for its healthy food items and awarded the Weqaya Nutrition Program label by the Healthy Authority of Abu Dhabi.


Moreover, the restaurant runs a weekly menu of specials that adds a twist of flavors and a dose of creativity for customers to try. The specials comprise of either unconventional meats (i.e. deer, duck, shark fish, etc) roasted on the spit and served as sandwiches or platters; or conventional meats (i.e. chicken and veal beef) roasted and served in different ways

Why Shawarma?

We realized the traditional Middle Eastern dish is much more versatile than you think! We offer a great range of Shawarma based meals that will make you come back for more. The variety is endless!

Finally, we believe you should be able to eat a fantastic meal and leave feeling guilt-free and good about yourself. That is the Shawarma Time experience.

Home Catering – Live Cooking:

The restaurant also caters its food through the live cooking shawarma set up which can be arranged in residences, companies, hotels and schools. The shawarma live catering is a product line that has been growing fast, as customers value the convenience and fair price that it offers for a meat only type of catering. The catering menu features two food themes, the healthy and the regular options.

Our Team :

Our team is truly multi-national, with members from all over the world dedicated to bringing a unique menu that revolves around an Arabic favorite, Shawarma, but that contains elements of international cuisine.